Offline Address Book

Make sure that your offline address book is being updated.

  1. Open EMC
  2. Go to Organization Configuration
  3. Click on Mailbox
  4. Click on Offline Address Book tab
  5. Right click on the Offline Address List
  6. Click on update.

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Send As Permission

Solution: Have user update the offline address book (click Send/Receive tab, click Send/Receive groups and select Download Address Book). Better yet,

Close Outlook
Delete the offline address book folder under “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Offline Address Books” (I assume it’s Windows 7 computer, look under C:\documents and settings\username\…. for XP computers).
Open Outlook and let it download new OAB.
Other Possibilities are,

You just gave “Send-As” permission for the user. Then, you have to wait for few hours. (you may restart Information Store to take effect the permission right away, who wants to do it? Smile)
User’s Outlook got bad/outdated cached contact information. Search for .NK files under user’s profile and delete it. Obviously Close the Outlook first before you delete the .NK files.

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